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LUMIA Dance Company is a performance art group combining prop manipulation, dance, and storytelling. Producing live and digital shows throughout the year, we strive to create innovative entertainment that is visually beautiful and cognitively provocative. Based in Los Angeles, LUMIA is a collaborative group of uniquely talented and diverse performers, and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on!


What is Flow Arts?

Flow arts is the use of prop manipulation in dance movement to reach a meditative state. Rooted in cultures throughout the world, the use of various props (hoops, poi, staff, etc) allows for the creation of shapes and stories beyond the physical confines of the human body. 


Lumia Dance Company, LLC

~Art though light and geometry~

Party Of One 24.jpg
What If The World Stood Still9.jpg
Mind Control 11.jpg
Levitate 60.jpg

Kimberly Hamilton

"Party of One"

Delaney Rhoads

"World Stood Still"

Kimberly Hamilton

Sofia Nelson

"Mind Control"

Katelyn Carano

Andrew Manos


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